Opiate induced hyperalgesia makes the NYT (G. Johnson)

How Doctors Helped Drive the Addiction Crisis
New York Times

Gary Johnson: “Opioid painkillers are deadly, overprescribed and often ineffective.”

B. Kloss:

“Interesting article.  It fails to mention that the Department of Justice “arrested” Perdue, the company that makes Oxycontin, for aggressively marketing drug to family practice doctors.  And since you can not put a company in prison, they were simply fined $500,000,000.  I’d gladly pay half a billion dollars if I am allowed to keep the other 5.5 billion profit made.

The article fails to point out the involvement of the Joint Commission and their “Fifth Vital Sign” Campaign, designed mostly by pain management specialists, the majority of whom received heavy subsidies from the pharmaceutical companies.

And let us not forget Press-Ganey and their role in continuing to encourage customer satisfaction.  With the shift from patient to customer and Medicare now using customer satisfaction as a measurement of quality and physician reimbursement, we are ever encouraged to keep the end user happy.

The next trend will be to get everyone addicted to heroin and/or prescription narcotics into treatment with Suboxone, a long lasting opiate, used to prevent addicts from abusing opiates.

Just my 2 cents.

Maybe it’s time to buy stock in Narcan (AKA: Amphastar AMPH)”


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