Inside an L.A. OxyContin ring that pushed more than 1 million pills

Gary Johnson: “This adds to the medical literature that a small number of doctors prescribe an enormous amount of narcotic….”

More than 1 million OxyContin pills ended up in the hands of criminals and addicts. What the drugmaker knew
LA Times
July 10, 2016

An ER Kicks the Habit of Opioids for Pain (NYT via G. Johnson)

Instead of opioids, an ER in New Jersey now treats many pain patients with alternatives like laughing gas, trigger-point injections and even a therapy harp.

Rothman adds: Lewis Nelson, who gave an excellent Grand Rounds here on opioids in June of 2013, “The New Opium War: The Epidemiology of Prescription Opiod Misuse,” is mentioned. (Click the link for full video)

“St. Joe’s is on the leading edge,” said Dr. Lewis S. Nelson, a professor of emergency medicine at New York University School of Medicine, who sat on a panel that recommended recent opioid guidelines for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “But that involved a commitment to changing their entire culture.”